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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

Fanfare is web-based software that lets you build a content business. You get:

  • 🌐 Site - You get a sweet-looking website, a free domain name to get you started (e.g. and hosting with unlimited pageviews. You can upgrade to any paid plan to add your own domain name and completely remove any Fanfare branding. You don't have to worry about updates, plugins, or servers and all sites are built with a modern tech stack that's lightning fast, good for SEO, and works mostly everywhere without any app stores or downloads.
  • ✍️ Visual editor - You can add content incredibly quickly, just drag-and-drop your media or click and start typing. Content is organised intuitively and the app matches your site so you always know exactly what your fans will see.
  • 🎞️ Media hosting - You can upload files, images, audio, and video directly to your site. You don't have to rely on an external service or pay for a separate media host. We don't limit your views, downloads, or bandwidth*. You can still embed media hosted elsewhere if that makes more sense for your business.
  • 🔓 Protected content - You can rapidly set-up different views for different audiences. Want to show logged-in fans the video but only a preview to the public? Easy, two clicks and you're ready to upload. Want to show a sales page until a fan pays for some content? No problem, built-in layouts do all the hard work for you.
  • 💳 Payment processing - You can accept donations, sell your content with one-off charges, or easily set-up recurring subscriptions. We securely handle all the billing and hide the internal logic that makes sure only the right fans can access the right content. Plus payments show up directly in our app and then get sent to your bank account. No messing about with merchant accounts, secure tokens, or API keys needed.
  • 💬 Email broadcasts - You can contact your fans directly with our easy to use messages tool. Quickly add your latest content, write a quick notification, or include a link to an event your running, merch you're releasing, or collab you've worked on. We make sure your message makes it to the inbox and looks great in every email client.
  • 📈 Essential stats - You can see at a glance which content is resonating with your audience, which items are leading to upgrades, or which messages are getting lots of action. There's nothing heavy and we err on the side of capturing less personal data, but all the information you need to grow your content business is right there in our app whenever you need it.

You can see everything in the Fanfare app when you create your completely free site. You can see if it's right for you, with no time-limit and no credit card required.

*Don't be a dick though. We'll notice and shutdown malicious use.

Will my site work on [device X]?

Probably. Our policy is to build sites that work in browsers that cover 98% of all web traffic, however modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave, MS Edge) will get more features (and look prettier) than old ones.

The web-based app you use to manage your site uses modern javascript and therefore doesn't work in some versions of Internet Explorer. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge all auto-update by default but if for some reason you're holding on to a version from 2015 then you might struggle.

Both our sites, and our app, are designed for mobile-first so yes you can add content, send messages, and review your payments on your phone.

Do you make apps?


Our sites work on just about any device made with an internet connection in the last decade. In modern browsers our sites work offline, you can add them to your phone's homescreen, and we're working hard to add push notifications too.

Plus, when your content is on a website you get indexed by Google so new people can find you, and you get - at no extra cost - links that can easily be shared in a message or on social media.

Besides - the average number of new apps people install each month is zero. You don't need one.

How do you make money from free sites?

A large enough percentage of free users upgrade to one of our paid plans that we can cover the cost of our free sites.

However the majority of users stay on the free plan and there's no time limit forcing them to ever upgrade if they don't need to.

This ensures we help out those channels that are just starting out, and all our paying customers are making far more from Fanfare than they're paying us.

We don't show advertising, we don't sell any user data (from either our customers or from our customer's fans), and we don't spam our user's email. We never will.

Is everything free?

No, our free plan covers you for your first 1000 fans (those viewers who create either a free or a paid account on your site).

There are also some limits on how much media you can upload and how many emails free users can send each month.

In addition, all our paid accounts can remove all Fanfare branding, use their own domain name, get lower transaction fees, and get access to faster support.

You can compare all our plans on our pricing page.

Is there a minimum contract on paid plans?

Nope, you can cancel anytime. Actually if you're not getting incredible value from Fanfare, we want you to cancel.

You can optionally pay for a year at a time. If you do then you'll get two months free because we save money by processing 1 transaction instead of 12, and honestly it's better for our cashflow to receive money up-front.

Monthly plans will renew automatically each month. Annual plans will renew automatically each year.

In both cases you can cancel your subscription directly from your account settings page. All future payments will be immediately stopped but you'll retain access to your plan until the end of the billing term.

Create your free site in seconds

No credit card required until you have 1000 fans